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You might as well admit it: you are quite annoyed at the fact that you are not pregnant or is getting married, when you saw the super beautiful, short wait wedding gowns from English Séraphine


This guide beautiful wait wedding gowns fall within Séraphines Luxe line, and the dress is also very luxurious. Ivory colored lace cover slip dress in the same color, the sleeves are short and fine pga. the billowing lace edges. And the supplied tie-strings are in satin silk. The dress is about a miniskirt (if you are high), made in the empire style, and will make you to take you out in the best possible way. In the elevated waist is there, incidentally, rubber band, so the fit is going to be absolutely perfect. The neckline is big and round and in the waist there is a wide silk ribbon, also kept in ivory color. You can choose to bind it in front of or behind their backs.

This dress would be so nice to a bride who is getting married at city hall, at an outdoor summer ceremony or in the Church. There is a lack of just beautifully set hair, a fine make up and maybe a small jacket in addition? Not to mention a bunch of flowers! Are you not so much to short wedding dresses, so can this wait dress also possibly. Used as a dress when you are the wedding guest. It is not white but ivory-colored, so hopefully you will not to step on the toes of the bride.


Maternity clothes & nursing wear:

Seraphine classifies even this dress as wait dress, which may be said to fit. It has plenty of stretch in the fabric and ample space for your growing belly. Can unfortunately not recommended as breastfeeding dress, but there are a few others that are suitable for wedding in the ammetøjs category.


Normal for a little big in size

Lace dress: 100% nylon jersey

Under the dress: 95% viscose, 5% elastane

Tie string: 100% silk

Wash: needs to be cleaned!


Dress length:

About 100 cm in size 38.