Meet the Super Data Center Locaweb in Sao Paulo

A fortress in the city of Sao Paulo. This is the first impression a visitor has to reach the order of the new data center that Locaweb holds the country’s largest city. The concrete giant ensures security and space needed for the company to meet its thousands of customers. Check out the video below, which Locaweb released first -hand to the readers of TB:

I and Mobilon’ve been in the new data center Locaweb. The truth is that the building is certainly prepared for this kind of activity. To get an idea, it originally belonged to Philips, also in order to allocate servers. After hosting company bought the space and installed their own equipment there. There are dozens of racks enabling more than 25,000 servers are installed.

The internet connection is made through various links provided by various operators. All in all, there are 40 Gbps data transmission capacity, a respectable potential.

Among the detachable parts of the new data center, security also takes place. To access the parking you need authorization coming from inside. On the server side, there are several doors with fingerprint scanning and entering passwords. It is hardly anyone who gains access to equipment.