Mobile Twitter Learn to Speak Portuguese

The long – awaited translation of Twitter to the Portuguese seems to be happening slowly. First was the help center who won a version in our native language. Now Twitter announced that the mobile version of the site can now be viewed completely in Portuguese. Thus we can already deduce some of the terms that will be used when the web Portuguese version of the social network is launched.

The translation was well literally in some parts. Trending Topics Popular Topics turned, Direct Messages probably (because of the acronym) has been translated into Direct Messages and aphorism, “What’s happening now?” Became a stretch of music Reliquary of cassia Eller Nando Reis. Personally I was somewhat disappointed that the button Tweet has not been translated into our sensational Tweet, which has even earned its place in dictionaries.

See for yourself the mobile version of the site (you must log in again) and tell what you think of the translations in the comments.