Modern Design Tableware Made of HI – MACS

The cuisine has never been so close to the design. Dutch Designer, director of Binnenwerk Vormgevers, Henk Bosschers, has joined his talent of Jonnie and Thérèse Boer, owners of the restaurant The Librije in Zwolle (Netherlands), to create modern dishes. It is a new concept in the form of presenting dishes, gotten from this extraordinary tableware made in HI – MACS®. The design of a dish may seem simple, but it is not if you want to give rise to great compositions. HI – MACS®, with its large properties as collateral, was the chosen material to carry out this project.

Bring design to the simplest elements and convert them into something more than everyday objects: this is what Henk Bosschers has achieved thanks to donations that it did for The Librijerestaurant, carrying beyond the simple utilitarian concept that has a dishwasher.

The affinity between the designer and one of the owners of the establishment, Jonnie Boer, has played a very important role in developing this project. The inspiration necessary to make different designs stems from the exchange of ideas between the two and the freedom that the owner has given to the designer.

The fact to be able to extract the full potential of the material was also essential. As the designer says: “We chose HI – MACS® because it is easy to work and material is provided without equal to elaborate it in various forms, splitting, adjust it or making wavy lines”. They are all possibilities that exist thanks to the thermoformability of the acrylic stone.

The result is a set of pieces of rectangular shape, where the Immaculate white is the only color that prevails. Aside from its peculiar shape, the differential aspect of this tableware are small recesses finished ripple that bring a decorative touch and are very practical to have sauces on the plate, according to aceinland.

Henk Bosschers relationship with HI – MACS® can be considered a love at first sight. After your dealer, Baars & Bloemhof, offer you a day of training to explore everything that this material offers inspiration invaded the minds of the Dutch Designer. From then on, he made a series of trial models who loved to the owner of the restaurant and that led, finally, to this singular ware.

According to Henk Bosschers, one of the factors that tipped him to choose acrylic stone was that “the material is suitable for contact with food, it is very easy to clean, scratch-resistant, virtually unbreakable and suitable for dishwasher”.

In addition, adds that all of these characteristics are suitable, not only for kitchen items such as dishes, but it offers unique opportunities for the development of countertops or cabinet doors, among others, an aspect that is very important for an Interior as the designer.

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About HI – MACS® by LG Hausys

HI – MACS® LG Hausys is a material with clear acrylic that can be molded in any form. Widely used for applications of architecture and interiors, as cladding facades thermoformable high grade characterised by its spectacular design, as well as for kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, commercial, residential projects and public spaces. It is composed of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments that come together to provide a smooth, non-porous and visually perfect surface that meets the highest aesthetic standards of workmanship, functionality and hygiene, offering many advantages over conventional materials.

HI – MACS® provides endless possibilities for surface coating and inspires creative minds from all over the world. Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Rafael Moneo, Karim Rashid and David Chipperfield, among others, have carried out spectacular projects using HI – MACS®, from kitchens, bathrooms, furnishing, to hotels, museums, shopping centers and external facades.

Thanks to its simple process of warming and its properties of thermoforming in three dimensions, HI – MACS® allows you to develop designs without visible joints and offers a virtually unlimited color range, as well as ringtones with a special in combination with light translucency. While HIMACS® is almost as strong as stone, can work in a manner similar to wood: may be sawing, milling, drilling or sanding.

HI – MACS® is manufactured using a new technology, called “thermal cure”. The temperature reached during the manufacturing process difference to HI – MACS® and of other solid surfaces and gives it a higher density, uniformity and durability, with a better resistance and a higher thermoforming process.

As for hygiene, HI – MACS® does not absorb moisture, is highly stain resistant, easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Countless internationally recognized certificates attest to the quality of HI – MACS® in terms of ecological commitment, hygiene and resistance to fire. In that sense, it is the first solid surface in market to receive the official certificate of European technical approval (ETA) for facades for Alpine White S728 color.

HI – MACS® offers a 15 year guarantee – the wider market of solid surfaces – for products manufactured and installed by members of the HI – MACS® Quality Club.