Motorola Atrix 4G, Factory Locked to Prevent Custom Roms

If a few days ago we learned that the Group XDA Developers, specialized in the hack of the Android platform, getting access to the root account of the Motorola Atrix 4G, yesterday published the news that this terminal, comes locked from factory for the possibility of varying le your CD-Rom.

That problem there is with this? Well, Motorola adds Android to its layer MotoBlur, so with this blockade, could not turn off and leave clean terminal, with the Immaculate Google Android. Also avoids the possibility of personalization of the terminal, as custom roms.

Whatever it is, all system-protected sooner or later ends up being hacked, and XDA Developers already have said on his blog that this protection will not be less. Proof of this is that the Motorola Droid X He also had this limitation and finally managed to break it off. In addition, taking into account that there are other mobile dual-core (and those who have to go), it is counter-productive by Motorola to impose this limitation, not to say the bad press that all we are going to give.

Finally, serve as precedent what happened with Apple in the USA, where the laws of his Government ended up ruling that it was not illegal to modify the phone to allow installing applications from third parties, beyond the limitations imposed by Apple. My guess is that in the case of Motorola end up passing something like and, for the part that interests us, the warranty is not void by resorting to installing custom roms.