Natural Christmas Decorations to Make

Christmas is the best holiday that creates comfort, gather the family and makes the otherwise gloomy winter days many smiling and warm. Decorating a home is an important part of Christmas for children and perhaps most important after the receipt of Christmas gifts from internetdict.

But to decorate the home is not only necessary to buy ready-made toys and garlands. With a little creativity can with their children, to make real snow and festive Christmas, and prepare most of the toys at home.

One of the common round and aromatic toys made with orange, cloves. The idea is to stick up the entire crust of oranges with small sticks, then tie the toy with some appropriate ribbon. Lay somewhere – will deodorizes the room, and will look very spectacular.

With several cones and two or three twigs you can make a great ornament, which adorns the table. You need cardboard, glue twigs of tree cones, little tinsel or ribbon, and a few toys. Stick the branches in the form of Christmas tree. No need to glue the whole branch – enough to secure them only at the bottom wooden part.

Leave a little space between branches and then stick to places few cones. If you want you can spray cones with different sprays to make it more colorful. On the other branches attach any toys laced top with garlands and decorations ready. If you want to put fruits of holidays and a kind of a natural bowl.

Many spectacular toys can be obtained by using cones and sugar. Must be affixed crystals sugar cone – the net effect will be frosted cone. Another option for toy-cone is using and some colored sheets, towels, whatever you have.

Depending on the size of the cone broken leaves and shape them into little balls that should put the feather cones. If necessary, you can use glue. Another way is simply to push them a little more to be secured. It only remains to add a ribbon and toy Christmas tree is ready.