Netflix Subscribers Blocks Access Using VPNs

The catalog Netflix is vast, but it also changes according to the region where the service is available. This is why virtually all license agreements that the service signs with the studios prevent certain films and series are displayed in all territories. To overcome this block content, some subscribers use VPNs – and apparently Netflix finally decided it will no longer allow it.

Netflix already knew for some time that this kind of tool exists. Through them, service subscribers can pretend they are traveling in another country to access his Netflix catalog, either by VPN or DNS exchange services. But in recent weeks it started to run blocking tests and detection of these tools in certain areas and with certain IP blocks. Today, for example, you can still access the catalog from another country using the iOS app, but not by the application Android.

Specialized service users reported that this block on the application for Android takes place from October last year. He also began to force the DNS use Google to access servers and block access when it detects a user using VPN. The three most affected so far are the Unblock-US UnoTelly and TorGuard, which are also paid. According to TorGuard, the amount of shot errors even in the last two weeks, indicating that Netflix is expanding lock.

Among the possible solutions, mobile users with Android were instructed the services to run the application downgrade, starting to use the previous version, 3.7.1, which has the lock, or block access to Google ‘s direct DNS on the router. Moreover, some of them also said they will offer tools to circumvent the new block, but gave no details yet.

So far it does not seem that no other application has been modified, as well as the Netflix web version also continues without blocking. We do not know, however, how long it should last. We know, for example, that Netflix has also tests the option of checking the time of the user ‘s time by the browser or smartphone detect the GPS signal and compare with the country that the user is accessing.

Nor is it today that the company is pressed to change its policy. The AHEDA, an association that takes care of copyright studios, is already pressing the Netflix for months. And some leaked emails in the attack Sony showed studio executives complaining that Netflix was not enough to prevent “illegal subscribers’ service. Apparently the pressure worked and Netflix has no choice but to block access of these users “travelers”. That is, if you want to keep your catalog.