Netflix Wants to Hire an Expert in P2P

The popularity of Netflix has a serious side effect: much of the data circulating on the Internet comes from service. In the US alone, the company accounts for at least 30% of online traffic. It’s a lot, right? To cope with the costs arising from this situation, Netflix is about to resort to the “enemy”: the protocol BitTorrent.


It is not a recent idea. Netflix has been considering joining a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systemfor over a year. But it gained focus again with a job offer recently released on the company’s website.

The position is for a senior software engineer. So far, nothing unusual. But if you access the requirements for the job, you will see demands like “you must have experience with Peer-to-Peer protocols such as BitTorrent”.

Ali even Netflix already reveals the plan: “our team is evaluating content distribution technologies. We are seeking a senior engineer of great talent to increase our knowledge in Peer-to-Peer area and leading technology design and prototyping efforts. ”

A similar wave had already been released in 2015. Only it was not clear if the position is not filled, or if the former engineer has not the job.

Anyway, it is not difficult to understand the idea, despite the complexity involved. Nowadays, transmissions Netflix are made in a centralized manner from servers. With a P2P architecture, customers who already have data specific videos would send this information to other devices on your network or even to other users.

In addition to reducing traffic costs, the technology could, for example, help avoid congestion that time or another, interfere or interrupt the stream and fight traffic shaping.

You might work? The Popcorn Time is here saying yes. But we should not expect news in the short term. Netflix needs to treat the matter with great care, among other details, prevent P2P transmissions let the slow user connection or increase their spending on mobile plans.



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