Netflix Will Bet on “Artificial Brain” to Shoot the Movie Recommendations and Series

If you were already unhappy when faced with recommendations as Twilight Saga on your account on Netflix (assuming you do not like productions like this, of course), be aware that the type situations may stay in the past: this week, the company revealed intention to create a “virtual brain” to make more appropriate suggestions to each profile.

In the current system, Netflix makes recommendations based on the identification of certain parameters have assisted productions. For example, if you saw an action movie to the end, probably like the category, so other securities classified as such may arise in the recommendations.

Usually works. But when the service recommended movies based on the participation of an actor in a production you attended or the popularity of this may conflict with your preferences.

This problem is especially common in the North American version of Netflix, given the size of its collection. To put a stop to this, the company explained in his blog technical plan to use a neural network system whose distributed processing will be done by GPUs.

Explaining quickly, neural networks are systems that make computers to process data in a way that resembles the way the brain works. In the specific case of Netflix, the idea is to implement an algorithmic technique called “Deep Learning” (Deep Learning), used for more complex problems.

In practice, this new method will do is analyze levels in a series of data relating to user behavior in service, with time, learn to distinguish their preferences.

This information is already there and appear in various forms: searches that you do, the time he spends searching certain category, how long the person stays in the description of a video page, among others.

The purpose of this new algorithm is to consider all this data enormity hitherto under-utilized to extract a pattern, and finally hit the personalized recommendations.

If well implemented, the type systems lead to satisfactory results – Google say so. But as Netflix does not have such a sophisticated infrastructure as well for this purpose, the company decided already allocate resources in the Amazon Web Services.

Only you can not expect anything much away, after all, the “artificial brain” is still in development and will need some time to generate the first results. Meanwhile, the business is to stay calm if Twilight appear in the recommendations.