New Jackets For Fall

New jackets for fall have her! The last summer days are numbered and I already find myself how I get new jackets and coats for fall rummage. Last fall I was pregnant and Jack purchase was not an option. I did not spend so much money in a jacket for pregnant women, I can wear only for a short time anyway. Cardigans and ponchos at that time were my best friends. This fall I want to buy a new transition jacket. In this paper there is my little shopping inspiration.

New Jackets For Autumn: Jackets, Coats, Jackets

I do not quite what I of the new trend with the bomber jackets or pilot jackets to keep with When I look back far into the past, I had already so a jacket. Because as a teen these jackets have been to and I actually had a. Namely, in the color black, which would be me now added something too boring.

With the jackets in pink and blue bringing still some color in the autumn. Or perhaps rather just for floral print access to prolong the summer just a little?

Currently I have no doubt, however, something in mind that I would stand a bomber jacket. Maybe I’m too old for this trend and have me a classic parka and trench coat picked out in pink. I find the color so beautiful springlike and can me very well for a fall jacket imagine. Perhaps a sign that I’m not ready for the fall? On gray, rainy autumn days when you decide to stay home most like, I have no desire.

In the golden autumn, however, I’m looking forward. When the sun brings to light the colorful foliage of trees. But I can imagine my assortment of fall jackets very well.

Are you also looking for a new transitional jacket for fall? What do you think of the trend with the bomber jackets and that’s what for you?