New Update Whatsapp for iphone Memory Fixes

Last week complained of many iphone users via a software error caused apparently by whatsapp, who brought the Smartphone memory to overflowing. Weekend was now an update of the chat app, which fixes the error so it reported in the description of the version whatsapp 2.12.15 since Friday in the appstore is available.

Memory ran full

Until February 2016, whatsapp had distributed the problematic version of the most popular Messenger on the iphone. The update should facilitate in particular browsing through photos and videos, had serious side effects but seems to: many iphone users complained since then about full memory and mostly attributed this to whatsapp. Auch iphone maker Apple whatsapp had identified as probable cause for the problem. Android users are not affected.

Large whatsapp-ABC

Quickly install whatsapp update for ios

Who on his iphone error message memory almost full was, could the device has only been on the factory data reset and restore a backup of. Because writes whatsapp in locations which are not even provided for ios memory management does not recognize the polluter pays. Owners of the Apple phones should install the Whatsapp update so as quickly as possible. Because the space is only being depleted, is increasingly crippled the Smartphone and is finally barely usable. Not even the owner of an iphone 6 / 6S with its 128 gigabytes large stores are immune there of only a few hours longer, lasts until this volume is exhausted.

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