New York judge Supports Apple in Dispute to iphone Unlocking

The judge ruled that the Government with a law from the 18th century have found no adequate legal basis to demand the unlock of the iphone. In the New York case is about the phone of a drug dealer.

New York ruling supports Apple’s position

The New York decision has though no direct influence on a similar procedure in California she but at least partly coincides with the argument with the Apple if necessary the United States wants to move court to the Supreme. In the California case, Apple was instructed by a court order unlock of an iphone 5 C to help the FBI, that had been used by the assassin of San Bernardino. He and his wife killed 14 people in the Californian City. The pair that you want to have supported the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS), died in a skirmish with the police. The authorities want above all that Apple blocking via software intervention function, which deletes the contents of a phone, if a wrong password is entered ten times. Then, you could try out endless passwords until they get the right.

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Apple fights against FBI arrangement

Apple refuses to comply with the order of the California Court. The group warns, for a software must be written first, with which it could erode the blocking of access and the consequences of this step are too dangerous. Among other things, the concern of the group that such an intervention of all could be the precedent for all types of monitoring measures writs act as the legal basis is. (With the dpa material.)

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