Newborn Summer Dresses

What are the essential outfits for babies? How to navigate in the choice of clothing for newborns? Here are some tips and a photo gallery with some examples of baby clothes for newborn baby that you absolutely cannot forget. From body to bibs, hats, socks from the gaiters at baby’s smock: a key list for the summer and winter clothing for babies to be okay your little throughout the year.

Clothes for Newborn

Clothes for infants that are essential for early period

The layette for baby boy should always include:

  • body 1-3 months size cotton , depending on the length and weight of the infant; better a bit more abundant rather than close as there is to consider the overall dimensions of the diaper. It is preferable to choose a body with cotton half sleeve which is fine for all seasons.
  • Onesies or baby’s smock with gaiters or panties: the jumpsuit is perhaps the most practical to wear, but it is a very personal choice and can vary from mom to mom.We recommend that you use the long sleeves even in summer for the first few days, then you can move on to sleeveless onesies. Usually you prefer cotton chenille or fleece in the winter months and the lightweight cotton for milder temperatures.
  • Wool or cotton, with heaviness varies depending on the season.
  • Wool or cotton Capaccording to the season: in the summer light and breathable for repair by the rays of the Sun, in winter a heavier fabric to warm the head, delicate and with little hair, from the cold.
  • Soft Socks: they are useless with Leggings or tights with feet;they come in different weights depending on the temperature. Useless the shoes of all kinds because they become just a minor impediment since I still can’t walk.
  • Terry cloth Bibs or Piqué. Indispensable for a long time, can be embroidered, personalized to your liking. Bibs with the rift are the most comfortable to put on and take off.

Appropriate clothing according to the season

If we are in summer we opt for lightweight and breathable clothes, preferably in natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk; always choose non-toxic and non-allergenic materials, preferably light colors, so as to avoid dermatitis and irritation of any kind. If instead we are in winter, better to opt for a layered clothing, made from multiple strands of different weights and not a single head very heavy; in doing so, we will avoid the rush of hot-cold due to the change of indoor and outdoor environments. For safety, as a leader always take cover, to wrap the newborn or to spread on the stroller if they were to sudden weather conditions peggiorarare. During the spring and autumn is still more the rule of dressing them “onion” in order to be ready to rush a few degrees that often happen in the day during the fall and spring. Babies are not able to regulate their body temperature by itself, so it’s up to us to be careful to figure out if our kids warm or cold. It’s true, it’s never easy to put yourself in the shoes of someone else, especially if so tiny, but fear not, mothers can everything, always and everywhere. You can test the temperature by placing your hand on the abdomen of the small as is an indicator of the actual body heat or touch their necks to hear if you sweaty or particularly cold.

Comfortable and practical clothing

The convenience is key: practical summer dresses and fit properly, neither too big nor too narrow; the baby needs to feel safe, protected and wrapped like in the womb without being forced into clothes too overwhelming. Choose onesies with groin opening or buttoning front, Leotard with wide opening from head or body with side clips, to avoid discomfort in your baby and make the change.Always keep change at will because a newborn comes to getting up to eight times a day: body intimates and rompers must always abound as diapers. For sleeping choose comfortable clothes and not too heavy because the cradle with Washcloths and blankets, is already very hot and the ideal temperature for the environment we should sleep in a newborn is around 18-20° c.

Hygiene and safety first

Without creating unnecessary panic, it’s only fair to mention that the hygiene of the attractions that surround the kids and clothes they wear is essential. Wash, then, always enjoyed new clothes or you already have because you inherited from little brother or a friend. By washing, not only you will get greater guarantee of hygiene, but it is even more sure that the baby does not come into contact with substances which may cause irritation or redness. To be even quieter avoided, finally, synthetic fibers, buckles, laces and small buttons.