Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type

Nokia has developed an original concept of control, which usefully supplemented a touch screen phones. The C3-01 is the second touch-and-type model.

“Touch and Type” Nokia calls the concept where everything else is controlled via the control keys, as well as the softkeys, happens directly on the screen. Say: The menu is operated by touch screen.

Numerical or text input as usual via the mobile keypad. For more available space is so, correspondingly large and sure to operate the pushers of the C3-01 also fail.

The housing consists mainly of metal and is much fancier than the Nokia X 2-03, which also offers the touch-and-type concept with cell phone keyboard plus touchscreen.

In terms of facilities, the Nokia C3-01 touch and type offers a few highlights. The Nokia cell phone, for example, in addition to UMTS and HSPA dominated also Wi-FI. In addition a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash replacement; an auto-focus but is missing. All features, see the table below.

Like almost all of the newer phones also the C3-01 offers a small program for accessing Facebook or Twitter. That work, the networks but is not particularly comfortable. The strengths of the mobile phones are not least on the phone: reception and endurance are at a good level.

Only criticism of the acoustics is that something falls during the conversation partner. Who is looking for a phone with large keyboard and sometimes something more than just want my phone call, is right here.

The full review of the Nokia C3-01 touch and type with all the data from the laboratory test, refer to the connect output 5/2011 (appears on April 8)