Opi – “Damone Roberts 1968”

Yesterday painted and very satisfied with it. It’s a pity that this color was very difficult to get. I’m not sure – in any case there was the only in America. Unfortunately, it is no longer available in the trade, but → Karrie has gotten over their seller Fortunately two copies for us. Is this again a designer Edition (the next OPI collaboration with Katy Perry).

Opi - "Damone Roberts 1968"

OPI – Damone Roberts 1968

  • 1 coat “start to finish” (OPI)
    • 2 coats “Damone Roberts 1968” (OPI)
    • 1 coat “RapiDry” (OPI)

Order & opacity:The paint needs two layers on each case, 3 is the result sure spotless, but 2 coats rich in itself (just as always a bit thicker paint). The texture is more liquid than usual, but she can be processed well.

Drying time:Approx. half an hour everything was dried out so far, but not totally cured, so I still small dents got hit can (but not deep or bad visible were). Rather, as full through curing time, I would recommend an hour and a half. You have Yes it not still going to sit.

Color:The color is pretty unique, much like ‘Hey! Get in lime”, which I have already shown in the → last post. It is a mint green, but very dark, not quite so though and very much more green than blue. Difficult to describe – and also a bit difficult to photograph not so extremely well, there the strong greenish tint on the images come out.

What shines so strongly on the photos, by the way, is nail oil (very good, to prevent the Sultan and dents/finger prints in the paint).

Total:Unfortunately, the paint is so hard to get. Where – really not sooo hard, on eBay you get it – unfortunately but totally overpriced (about $35). Who has the ability to get him cheaper, should use them. The color is great, no ordinary green and order/opacity, as well as the dry season are fine.