Outfit: the Mickey Mouse T-Shirt

How old must you be actually maximum, yet perfectly legitimate to a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt to access? I asked recently this question me, as I strolled with exactly this outfit by Friedrichshain and in passing, but actually a wise guy from his balcony down over me and my Mickey Mouse shirt funny made – Ouch.

Yes, I know the first wrinkles are there, the dark circles can greet and pretty much a year will be zeroed for the third time. Should you put on there don’t even finally adult and mouse shirt forever banish clothing like this lilac Mickey out of his closet? I ask the question because my self-confidence is a bit scratched after the “wise guy”package, although I was actually never been so happy with myself now and I myself also open can confess love despite everything to my T shirt with Mickey Mouse. But what do you say? The shirt was finally too long in your possession, and recently have moved into my. You can do this with the shirt (still) or should I leave rather quickly buttoned my jeans shirt and mini and Mickey disappear into oblivion?

Denim shirt: vintage pants: H & M, shoes: Dr. Martens

Mickey Mouse shirt: vintage