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Apple Watch Beats the New Order Record

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Apple Watch sells well. Really good even. Just under 1 million. pre-orders are estimated to already be in the House.

Expectations for Apple Watch is big, and it appears that these may well be honored. The first sales figures promise at least good for Apple.

Analysis company, Slice Intelligence, can today report about where Apple Watch promises to be popular among consumers. The company brings together data from a wide range of American webshops and from this can give a relatively precise estimate of how well Apple Watch salesman.

Friday the 10. April was the day when Apple opened pre-orders are in the United States, among others. Slice Intelligence estimates that on this day is bought 957,000 watches from Apple. This figure should be seen in light of the fact that Google and the many manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony and ASUS only managed to sell 720,000 Android Wear-watches throughout 2014. Read More

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Disguise Your Samsung Galaxy S6 in 24 Carat Gold

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Now you can give your newly bought Galaxy S6 a surface treatment in the form of 24 carat gold for a relatively small amount of money.

Although Samsung has congestion out tremendously on the choice of materials in the Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 Edge with glass back and frame of aluminum, it is not necessarily good enough.

It is certainly not for the Vietnamese company, Karalux, which specializes in the field of coating of gold on smartphones and luxury cars.

The company has now given Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 Edge a trip by his Hitgold-gold treatment on the frame, buttons and camera edge, and the result is not so bad even-especially the price taken into consideration. Read More

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Now Your Voice Can Unlock Android Phone up

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Now you can unlock your Android smartphone or tablet up by using a command that works only with your own voice.

If you have an Android device in hand, whether it be a tablet or a smartphone, then you have a sea of methods to choose from when the device needs to be unlocked and now comes a new for: Trusted voices.

The function simply goes out on you with your voice can unlock the screen up above to enter a PIN-code, for example, draw a pattern or use facial recognition. It is the command “OK Google”, which you can now use to unlock your device with. It writes Android Police.

Google voice approval mechanism can recognize whether it’s yours or someone else’s voice, trying to unlock the device. However, there is still a degree of security vulnerability by taking Smart Lock method in use, since Google itself tells that a person with a similar voice may be able to get successfully get past the lock screen. Read More

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The Android Calendar Gets Comeback of Important Function

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The Android calendar lost by Lollipop update it monthly overview, but now is the calendar back in great form.

Android’s default calendar was updated along with the rest of the Android system at the time of release for Android 5.0, also known as a Lollipop. Lollipop featured a totally new and more flat design, but not everyone was just happy for slikkepinden.

The calendar also got a thorough overhaul, but in the process unfortunately some features, including smoke the monthly overview. Last night, however, Google released updates for calendar, which again gets the month view back.

However, it is not just the month view as we know it, but also an expanded view where the screen is split into two, and both show the monthly overview, at the same time with the selected day’s agenda. Read More

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Overview: Samsung S6 to Test, Siri understands Danish and Now Rumor Mill in Full Swing

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Here you can get a quick and simple overview of some of the biggest stories from the week that was.

Our site look this week at Samsung other topmobil for 2015, Galaxy S6. It shares many of the qualities from the more expensive S6 Edge, but differ slightly. Read our big test including:

Samsung Galaxy S6: Topper almost everything
With Galaxy S6 runs Samsung from competitors and shows how a topspækket smartphone must be screwed together.

The week’s other big news is from Apple, which is now ready with the digital assistant Siri on Danish. Danish Siri is included in the update for iOS 8.3 which debuted last Wednesday. Read More

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New X-Speakers from Sony: Compact Storlyd

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Sony presents three new wireless speakers with small dimensions, high-fidelity sound and minimalist design. Meet the Sony SRS-X99, SRS-X88 and SRS X-77.

A number of new speakers from Sony will secure your home with hi-fi sound quality-without having to take up too much. It promises Sony in the press release.

Most are SRS-X99 and SRS-X88 which clamps serious audio quality and up to 154 watts sound pressure (X88:90 watt) in a compact unit with a single square design.

The sound is delivered by 7 speaker elements that together create a 2.1 sound stage, where the four so-called ‘ Super Tweeters ‘ working together, in order to reproduce clear highs and mids. Read More

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