Panasonic Shows Their Exclusive: Forward

Panasonic has thrown their new tablet on the table, which last year received the designation toughpad

Phablet is just one of the new expression that has arisen in the wake of the Smartphone and the tablet development. Like Sony had exclusive rights to the term Walkman, so owner Apple word ‘iPad’, which has given the other producers a free-for-all in the creative Department when it came to naming and denominations.

This has resulted in the fact that Panasonic last year threw an ‘Exclusive’ on the table, and we here from editors with bad humor could add that the well could stick to it …
Now they’ve done it again, and baptized the case FZ-M1.

This time, however, it is not the impressive 20 inches, which was shown last year, but more modest 7 ones. But should they manage to shut it up, you will find an impressive engine room beneath the surface.The operating system is Windows 8.1, which runs on a Intel Core i5 vPro processor.

The whole matter is, of course, shock, loss and temperature safe and will be completed by the fact that neither dust nor water can find its way into screen also live up to the rest of the impression, and consists of ‘ glow touch ‘ technology, which ensures that you can operate it without taking the gloves off. In addition, you also can read the screen in daylight.

In terms of connectivity, so is there a USB 3.0 port, microSDXC and opportunities for MSR, SmartCard and LAN. To mention some of the other features, so of course there is Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, UHF RFID, Bluetooth 4.0 and embedded LTE connectivity.
There is so far not disclosed anything about power consumption and battery life.