Paranoid Android 4.5 Beta 1 Sees The Light with Traces of Android L

In the last weeks, Paranoid Android 4.5 It has been in alpha version and now is the time to leave the first stable beta. Despite sounding still precarious, their creators say on their Google profile + that the ROM is ready to be used without any problem. In the end, if you’re using homemade ROMs already know very well how this works.

What it brings back this version? Well, in addition to fix several bugs how to use the features of Paranoid Android in multi session have used for polishing and introduce the views of Android L task management system. Yes, that which is seen as if they were floating tabs in 3D.

The rest of the changes are fairly subtle and not introduce new features in the everyday user who we will do with our mobile. It is striking that introduce Android L application management system. That Yes, it is not the only option and at any time we can return to that used in Android 4.4. KitKat.

As you know, Paranoid Android is not the most versatile ROM and at the moment this beta is reserved for a very select group of devices: Nexus 5, One Plus One, Nexus 7, Galaxy 4 Nexus, Nexus 4… Update under your own responsibility, may I go to Paranoid Android a season, although recently I returned to to Cyanogenmod Android L.