Parrot Zik Design By Starck, The Best Headphones On The Market

As might be expected of such a collaboration, presentation of the Parrot Zik is superb, dear to Starck design combines aluminium of the branches and the leather of the Hoop and headphones for a result that the class immediately amongthe finest helmets have ever me to have the hands.

The Zik is a closed type compatible headphones Bluetooth 2.1, battery recharged by a supplied USB cable. Announced autonomy varies from 8 to 24 hours depending on use. However nothing prevents you to use it with its detachable cable provided. A cover and a clear and easy to use booklet complement the equipment. The everything exudes quality, nay, luxury !

This helmet is to be classified in the heavy models (325 grams) but the quality of the materials used is that we do not feel this weight as being excessive. This weight is explained by the many functions available. This headset offers touch keys on the right atrium, a shift upward increases the volume, a landslide down down. Similarly you can navigate the music tracks by sliding to the right or to the left. Another interesting feature is the presence detector which disengages the music when you remove the headset, ideal to extend autonomy. As if that wasn’t enough, the music offers a reducer – auto – noise, a function of audio streaming via Bluetooth since Smartphones, tablets, Mac and PC. And finally, it manages wireless telephony. The least we can say is that this helmet is very full at the level of his duties. Touch is lovely, silky and even sensual.

Often be disappointing to listen a beautiful helmet. So much tell right away, like with the Zik. Connected wired to the Cowon J3, restitution isbeautiful, balanced, natural. No major flaw is unfortunate, we are clearly in the high-end, bass is present but not invasive, the medium demonstrated subtlety and acute rise without aggression.

The main use of this type of headphone is in wireless mode, go to the Bluetooth connection. Pairing with the Cowon J3 (as with an Iphone, incidentally) had very quickly. Touchscreen navigation is smooth and efficient. On acoustic jazz (duo bass + saxophone) instruments areclean and clipped without a ultra-chirurgical rendering would be boring in the long run. Passing of Gloria Estefansalsa, the Zik fact talk powder with a dynamic and faithfulrestitution, that makes you want to dance, which is always a good sign for headphones. Impression confirmed by the test of the song “Dub fire” ofAswad, knocking foot mechanically. Obviously No musical style does scare this headphone fly high. Only gripe-really the little beast-if this helmet is perfectly insulated for the listener, it is a little less discreet for surrounding people to high noise levels.

A presentation of very high level, a high-end sound performance,complete and luxurious equipment, many functions, Zik Parrot is a great headset. His presence in our selection of the best high end helmets is well deserved.