Personal And Functional Kitchen In 2010

What are the trends in the kitchen right now and how often will the kitchen manufacturers with new products?

Door Sushi white from Marbodal.

One would think that  all the kitchenware manufacturer updates its range every year to keep up with trends. Many do, but German lyxkökstillverkaren Bulthaup differ and are working instead of decades.

In 2000, today it was”less is more” in force. For 2010, Bulthaup developed new Guidelines for Regulatory decade ahead. Now it’s “fewer but better” applies.

It does not feel right with throwaway anymore, says Lennart Ekstedt at Bulthaup Helsingborg.

Lennart recently visited a future convention where Bulthaup presented guidelines for kitchen manufacturer in the next decade. It has hired an agency for future research to sense the mood of the community and find out what people want today.

It was found that people today want “fewer but better”.We will want to get good pans rather than several mediocre. We will focus more on quality and we can say that the wear-and-throw-era is over, says Lennart.

But we will spend the same money as before, budgets shrink. Though the few things we choose are of better quality.

Bulthaup also see that we will interest us to get good technical solutions in the kitchen. It’s not about the amount of cabinets but to understand the problem.

Normally, when you build a kitchen, do so along the walls. Bulthaup has developed the concept B2 that does not consume any surface, but remains secluded in the room.

The new kitchen b2 who do not consume any surface.

There is a new way of thinking, but I’m not sure that the Swedish market is ready for this yet, says Lennart.

Trend looks Lennart otherwise we will continue to mix materials.

It’s a trend we’ve been working a long time. You have to dare to mix a painted door with tall cabinets in wood or aluminum. Why not bamboo wall and linoleum on doors. You are not stuck in stereotypes anymore, says Lennart.

Lennart want to emphasize that it is not just about trends. It is even more important to choose a kitchen to match the decor of the rest and the style of the house.

Bulthaups kitchen b1.

It Is Something That Lars Peter Sandung Of The Swedish Kitchen Manufacturer Marbodal also endorse. It is wrong to put a sekelskifteskök in a 70-century house.

You can often turn into a modern kitchen in an old house and have a successful break, according to foodanddrinkjournal.

Marbodal do not work with fixed periods to develop new materials, without adapting to the trends as they occur.

Door Gallery located in the overhead cabinets introduced Marbodal autumn 2009.

We’re trying to come up with something new every year, but not in defined cycles. It depends on how quickly we can develop a novelty if we decide for it, says Lars Peter Sandung.

Lars Peter sees that gloss is still current, black is also still in time while the traditional has a stronghold.

The door Koster canvas, built-in shaker environment.

We work a lot with installation material for making shaker environments , with everything built-in to get a single entity that does not collect dust, said Lars Peter.

White is always up to date on Marbodal. Marbodal made a major update last fall when they came up with two new covers.

As for mudguards look Lars Peter Sandung customers choose materials other than tiles.

For example, you can build the splash guard so that it becomes a whole with the worktop, the same material as the countertop goes up on the wall, said Lars Peter.

Tina Björeman who are interior designers at Ikea would not talk about trends but believes that there are things other than trends that govern their range.

Indeed kitchen from Ikea with doors, Nexus brown-black and Heading copper effect.

We have a wide range and we are constantly revising our content.

As a base, we always have a Scandinavian expression that is a little tighter than average, says Tina Björeman.

As 2010 Approached Tina Björeman That We Are More Personal .

Indeed kitchen from Ikea, with gaps Applause/Title.

We have to get together a kitchen that suits you, says Tina.

We dare to do more in the kitchen but we focus too much on features.

The inside of the kitchen is as important as the outside. Today, you want a kitchen that is functional and easy to work with.

Sorting should work and appliances will be energy-efficient. Now we are more environmentally conscious than ever, says Tina Björeman.