Places To Install Security Cameras At Home

The best places where to install security cameras

You know where to place surveillance cameras

A well positioned camera can provide much greater security and peace of mind. It is very important to carefully choose the location of his security team to take advantage of it and protect your family. The truth is that a surveillance camera in the right place can identify the face of any thief so authorities can track it. We then show you the best places to have a surveillance camera:

  • Main door

Why? Thieves usually try to play at your door to find out if you are at home. If you are, they will be passed by someone asking directions or have any other excuse. If you don’t, they will force that same door.

  • Patio and garden

A camera located in the patio will significantly help since it can cover many points at the same time. The visibility of the camera will probably discourage any thief.

  • The first floor windows

In this way, it is possible that you captures the thief looking inside your House before you decide whether to enter or not. It is important to be sure to close the windows. The owners of the House usually forget to do it, so they are often the target.

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