Playful Diy Bridal Hairstyle With Braids Braids

Today we show you a romantic bridal hairstyle with small braids plaits, which you can do with a little practice and the guidance of Julia and Kati itself.

Playful Diy Bridal Hairstyle With Braids Braids

ASK4beauty has collected the steps for you along with the stylist and held in beautiful pictures.

What you need:
Straightener or curling iron
Brush and comb
Hair ties
Hair pins

In the first step, the hair with a curling iron or straightening iron are attracted. In addition to the resulting curls, this has the effect that closes the upper cuticle layer of the hair and the hair get even more shine.

Now is a relaxed Centre parting pulled and on both sides of the forehead from the Lichen started. This braiding technique is called waterfall technique.

You must make sure that you always drop the third strand of hair and new hinzunehmt a lock of hair. At the end of her fixed the braids with small hair ties. The result should be evenly on both sides.

In the second step, the two resulting braids are turned and fixed with hairpins.

After the hair strands are placed front to back, these can be also slightly inserted and fixed with hairpins. Make sure that the hair pins are not visible and if necessary flowers can be incorporated also with in the hair.

Should the entire hair pinned up are, taking after small strands again twisted backwards and fixed them on top of the head. The result is a loose infected hair. This fix with enough hair pins and hair spray.