Polaroid Challenger GoPro

The absolute actionkamera in the market now is challenged by Polaroid.

It gradually 80 year old camera and eyeglass company Polaroid, which is most famous for its instant cameras, has now taken up the fight with one of the most significant players in the market.
Happens after the Polariod have launched their own HD actionkamera, as an answer to the GoPro’s popularity and dominance on just that area.

And there are indications that the company have looked thoroughly GoPro thoroughly in the cards. For it will be not just by one, but as many as three different models, which hits consumers of two laps, no time and two for the summer.

The first camera with 170 degrees will be utravidvinkel and can record in 1080 p. There are, of course, Wi-Fi, which can communicate with both iOS and Android, ‘ G-sensor ‘ which ensures that image constantly rotated horizontally regardless of how the camera is held, as well as water resistance down to 10 meters.

In addition, the internal 32 MB memory, with the possibility of additional 32 GB via a micro SD card.

(C) ³
During the summer comes C ³ as on the market together with XS1000i. (C) ³ is a small rectangular case with 5 megapixel CMOS sensor and 120 degree wide angle. Here is the recording quality 1280 x 720 and limited to one should rather not dive under two meters, if we want to avoid water damage.

The memory is also in the lighter end of the scale. It’s only been to 2 MB of internal capacity, but can be expanded via SD card, like XS100i to 32 GB.

Then immediately talk about something completely different in the context of XS1000i. Here you get a professional HD sports camera with 16 megapixels, CMOS sensor and 170 degree wide angle. The camera is equipped with the same gyroscope as XS100i, but on the other hand, also have anti-shock and can record in 1080 p at 30 fps and 720 p at 60 fps.

What the three cameras is going to cost the Danish consumers remains to be seen, as there are only appreciated at XS100i in the United States. Here it will be around $ 180.

Old virtues resumed
If anyone thought that polaroidbilledet was dead and buried, so the company launches their old acquaintance again. This time, it will be under the name ‘ Socialmatic ‘, and will be a 14 megapixel case with 4 GB memory and 4.5 inch screen.

There will of course be Bluetooth, so you can share your images via social media. The very point where it differs from other cameras and smartphones, will, however, feature, where it can print the picture out on site-just like on the old camera.