Pregnancy Step by Step: 25 Weeks of Pregnancy

During the nine months of pregnancy many changes occur in the body of the woman, because with each passing day the baby develops and thereby causes changes in the body of his mother.

Pregnancy Step by Step: 25 Weeks of Pregnancy

Pregnancy with 25 Weeks of Gestation

The 25th week of gestation is the last week of the sixth month of pregnancy, that is, it is only three months before the baby is born.

From the 25th week of pregnancy the baby is measuring 34.6 cm (from head to toe) and weighs about 660 to 700 grams.

Blood vessels continue to develop in the lungs and the baby’s nostrils begin to open. Babies’ eyes are already formed and are sensitive to light.

Development of the baby in the 25th week

  1. The nails of the feet and hands continue to grow;
  2. Tune the reflexes, close your hands and claw your feet;
  3. Hearing capacity is formed. In addition to hearing the noises from the mother’s body, the baby can hear outside sounds and react to familiar voices;
  4. The baby can open and close his eyes. The baby does not like very strong lights, especially flashes;
  5. The definitive teeth are already lodged inside the gums, they will only descend by the 6 years of age, replacing the teeth of milk;
  6. The nerves around the lips and mouth become sensitive;
  7. The lungs are already fully formed.

Changes in the body of the pregnant woman

The increase in belly weight causes women to feel back pain, pressure on the pelvis and leg cramps.

In the 25th week there may be spots on the skin, mainly in the legs, underarms and in the face. These blemishes may become evident as the pregnancy progresses, but they disappear at the end of breastfeeding.

The halo of the nipples and the skin of the genital area may darken, this is because of the hormonal changes common in pregnancy that cause increased production of melanin.

Tips for the 25th week of gestation

As the baby’s hearing capacity is already formed, he hears the voices of the people outside the mother’s belly, so talk to him and make the father of the little one also talk to him, so when the baby is born, he will recognize the voices of their parents.

It’s time to prepare the baby’s room. Parents will spend beautiful moments preparing their baby’s corner.

If you know the sex of the baby, choose a color that you like and buy all your little boy’s trousseau, if you do not know if a boy or girl will be born, choose a neutral color like white.