Protections In Martial Arts

Get Started In Martial Arts In A Safe Way

If you are thinking to start your way into the world of martial arts in a safe manner, avoiding bumps and injuries you’re lucky!Today we will see all guards in martial arts you need to practice the sport that you love.

Depending on the discipline in which we begin we will need some protections in martial arts or otherwise, we will have to take into account permitted beatings, areas where we can hit and be hit and the rules established by the Federation.

What Protections Do I Need To Start Me In Karate?

Specific inner gloves for Karate: They allow us to hit and make grips, since we have some freedom of movement in the fingers as opposed to training with boxing gloves.

Shin guard with foot protection: It is essential to protect our tibia and forefoot. It is important that it be the same color as the inner gloves (blue or red).

Dental protector: Andyoutdoor recommended you to use oral transparent which allows us to see the condition of our teeth and to combat where appears some blood. It is also advisable to use the mouth in your workouts, you will protect your teeth of potential impacts and you’ll become accustomed to possible fatigue to train with mouth guard. It is important that the dental guard is perfectly molded to the shape of your teeth, you can see how to adapt it in a past blog post.

Inside chest protector: There are male and female guard, they are essential since the majority of impacts of higher power will be directed to the trunk.

Shell: As in the chest protector there is specific protection for men and women, it is an area where it is forbidden to beat, but it is very normal that over the course of the fighting or kumite can escape a beating to these particularly sensitive areas.

Already know all guards in martial arts, you need to get started in Karate and Taekwondo, get them and get started on the path of martial arts with complete safety and comfort.

If you are considering to get started in any other discipline: Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Krav maga, Bjj, Wushu… and want to know the protections you need for your practice please let us know, we will be happy to help you.

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