Razer Launches Smart Band

The company which is best known for their gamertilbehør, have launched a uncommon smart bracelet.

If you belong to the group, who regard themselves as hardcore gamers, so it kind of seems that the toilet is superfluous if only you have empty cola bottles enough, and moreover believe that sunlight is an unnecessary risk, you should expose themselves to when you have to stand in line for the next big game-release, so do you know with the guarantee also the company Razer.

Since 1998, you could see their easily recognizable logo on everything from mice to controllers and headsets and keyboards. Now, we must perhaps also to see them around the wrist on owners of smartphones. For Razer lifted today unveiled their latest inventions.

In the case of a Smart Band, a bracelet with three main functions:

1. Display the notifications
2. the collection of data about you
3. Band-to-band communication via ‘ bumping ‘

The bracelet is working with a 32 x 32 pixels OLED display and a 128 x 32 pixels display. It works for both iOS and Android and includes accelerometer, altimeter, vibrating motor and a battery that can hold seven days between charges. Of course, it’s also waterproof, but lacks information about how deep down we still may have it on under the water.

The wonder comes in trade under the name ‘Razer Nabu’, which either refers to the Babylonian writing and visdomsgud or the German society for nature conservation.

On the basis of the company’s existing game universe, so guess we on the Babylonian interpretation.