Recipes Compote Pumpkin

The compote of pumpkin exists in several versions and all of them delicious. We suggest four: from more greedy to more healthy.

It is combined with walnuts and pine nuts, or to be combined with orange, is combined with sugar or a version that is more healthy with ginger and Cabral – the pumpkin is always the key ingredient of a candy more delicious and typical of the country.
The compote of pumpkin is ideal to combine with cheese of the serra, and to leave any palate satisfied as to fill pastries or to cover cakes.
We suggest some recipes to practice and then just use them as you like!


One of the best combinations, especially if you join this jam made of pumpkin to the cream cheese.

The combination with nuts and cinnamon suggested by Lidl is really a ruin.

– Ingredients –

  • 1.4 kg of pumpkin
  • 750gr sugar
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 100gr of walnut kernels

– Mode of preparation –

  1. Peel the pumpkin and remove the wires and the pevides
  2. Cut it in small cubes and pour in to a pan
  3. Add the sugar, the lemon juice and the cinnamon stick
  4. Mix and leave from one day to the other
  5. The next day stir it well, bring to heat and let cook about half an hour, always moving
  6. Remove the cinnamon stick and mash everything with the magic wand
  7. Bring back to heat and let boil
  8. Add the walnut kernels chopped, and let cook 15 more minutes on low heat
  9. Turn off, allow to cool and store in bottles

Recipes Compote Pumpkin 1


You may not be of mixtures the most expected, but what really matters is that it works. While it is sweet, not too cloying due to the cut that the orange does.

The tip is d’The Delicodoce.

– Ingredients –

  • 1kg of pumpkin
  • 750gr sugar
  • Juice and zest of an orange
  • 1 cinnamon stick

– Mode of preparation –

  1. Peel, wash and cut the pumpkin into cubes
  2. Pour in a pan, add the sugar, the juice and the rapas orange and let it stand about an hour
  3. Bring to heat until boiling
  4. Reduce the heat, add the cinnamon stick and go on stirring until you get a more solid consistency
  5. Remove from heat, allow to cool and store in bottles

Recipes Compote Pumpkin 2


Of course we had to suggest a version of jam pumpkin as well more healthy to be able to eat without the burden or consequences in the body.

The Nitricionista combines pumpkin with apple, cinnamon and ginger and the result is truly delicious.Even without sugar!

– Ingredients –

  • 1 pumpkin hokkaido
  • 3 apples reinetas
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Sweetener
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger

– Mode of preparation –

  1. Cut the pumpkin and the apples into small pieces and weigh
  2. Use ¼ of this weight in the sweetener
  3. In a saucepan pour in the pumpkin, the apples, sweetener and lakes of ginger and let it stand
  4. Add cinnamon sticks and lemon juice
  5. Cook on a low heat and go involving
  6. Add cinnamon and mix well
  7. Distribute bottles

Recipes Compote Pumpkin 3


For those who have the thermomix as the largest ally in the kitchen, then this is the ideal recipe.

A simple recipe from World Recipes Thermomix that combines pumpkin with walnuts and pine nuts.

– Ingredients –

  • 800gr pumpkin cut into pieces
  • 400gr of sugar yellow
  • The juice of an orange
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 100gr of walnut kernels
  • 100gr pine nuts

– Mode of preparation –

  1. Place half of the pumpkin in the glass and program 15 seconds, speed 6
  2. Do the same with the rest of the pumpkin
  3. Add the sugar, the juice of the orange, the cinnamon stick, and schedule 30 minutes at 100 degrees on speed 1 )must replace the glass as measured by the basket)
  4. Remove the cinnamon stick and schedule 15 seconds, progressively increasing up to the speed 6
  5. Add the walnuts and the pine nuts and cover it with the help of the spatula
  6. Pour into jars previously scalded and close immediately