This lip gloss was in the test package, the I of alverde NATURKOSMETIK * ‘ve got made available.

Alverde product on their Web page says:

“With valuable minerals for naturally soft shimmering, seductive lips. Thanks to the Flockapplikators is the lip gloss very easily on the lips to apply. The texture feels comfortable on the skin and does not stick.”

I say this

I really like the sound of berries. The color intensifies the lip color and fits amazingly cool and warm color types. The gloss is without glitter, it looks like wet paint. The color intensity can be controlled over the amount.

The applicator feels good, just at the edges of the lip but have to watch that you don’t accidentally painted over. The texture feels in fact well on the lips. The gloss keeps me without lip pencil and does not expire.

I find not so pleasant – hard to describe the taste.

The color holds several hours without food and with little drinking. I do not find him Klebsig also. The gloss smells like red currants for me. I like that much. It reminds me of summer days of my childhood in the garden of my parents.


I like the lip gloss and my experience so I can him – as always without obligation and without guarantee – to purchase recommend.

* alverde NATURKOSMETIK is a quality brand of dm.
The products in this post were provided cost and unconditionally me by the manufacturer or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much! The post reflect my honest, free and subjective opinion.