Review: iPod-Dock Philips DS 9

Where other manufacturers on the plastic housing glued a grained film, has let the entire curved baffle of the DS 9000 (630 euro) wood milling Philips.

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The other day in the AUDIO listening room: in the listening test the iPod docking stations, the door will open centers, colleagues in the room and look around. One points to the Floorstander standing in the corner uninvolved and asks: “who plays just?”.

Something like it could be each who experienced the live Philips DS 9000 and confused look around after the hidden standing speakers. Resounds from the less than half a meter wide dock a so amazing official sound – with a beautiful figure, party suitable for most definitely and absolutely HiFi suspicious.

It is also exemplary processed: where other manufacturers speaking of wood, when a grained slide on the plastic housing has actually cut the entire curved baffle of the DS 9000 wooden Philips let. From sustainably-grown raw material, of course. To join aluminium and fabric.

A true two way system out of two 25 mm tweeters and two 100 mm woofers that are assigned to the correct frequencies by a passive crossover works in the body. Before that, repeated that DS 9000 from an iPod, iPhone or iPad cooking – which also takes place thanks to the flexible connectors and the sophisticated mount – all audio signals directly digital and processed them by DSP.

Absence of other controls the Philips except the unobtrusively placed volume controls, there is a free app for the Apple player inserted. Moreover, this can be phonetically again individually tune DS 9000 – of the 5-band equalizer to boost the bass boost.

Measuring laboratory

When the measured values of the Philips 9000 DS enthusiasm erupted literally: this docking station measures such as a large facility. The frequency response measurement is the deep bass and a nearly straight course. The distortion amplitude measurement certified DS 9000 resistance level.

Philips DS 9000

Manufacturer Philips
Price €630.00
Rating 90.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (BreiteHöheTiefe) 56.2 x 21.9 x 18,0 cm
Softened 6.4 kg
Facilities /.
Battery / battery /
Number of stations / radio / –
Alarm clock
Remote control / display /
Klangregeler in its own free app
Output video / quality video output / –
Special features free app with alarm clock
Input RCA / Jack /
Input of digital optical / coax /
Output RCA
Output of digital coax / optical digital – /
Output subwoofer
Input / output video /
S-video input / output S-video /
Network / USB / No
Operating modes
Recharging of the iPod
Controller of the iPod menu. partial
Operation on the device
Syncing your iPod in the dock possible
Game time battery –
Test results
Beautiful picture, very adult sound. Can provide also the iPad.
Little further usage possibilities.
Sound 90
Operation Very good
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment Top 90
tested in issue: 3 / 11