Richard Chai Fall-Winter 2011 / 2012 in New York Fashion Week

It is one of the most anticipated parades of the New york fashion week, and is that since Richard Chai He left his position at Marc by Marc Jacobs to launch his solo career, back in 2008, the same year in the became one of the Ten finalists in the prestigious awards Vogue Fashion Found Top, his fame has risen as the foam, and his name began to be regarded as its own brand with a value that is listed to the rise.

It is one of the most claimed by the press, and their parades are the most commented, not in vain a job very well done this having in recent years his reward. He next Fall-winter 2011-2012 has not left indifferent, in addition to having received very good reviews.

A classicism joined with the Vanguards and the use of more technical materials and cutting-edge, joined in the use of deconstruction in garments of all life, making that Chai style position in the balance as one of the most balanced. The keys of the proposal are the style to layers, colors grey and black, el style dandy renovated and accents in colors olive green and blue.

Style to layers

Looks that are light on garment, in discreet in terms of color, but very elaborate overlays level materials and finishes. Subtle capeados that confuse the staff mode of trompe l’oeil created layer on layer, in this way a shirt of it superimposed on a jersey, or a blouse overlaps a jacket.
A dark color that is only proven by the use of most luminous gray, in items like for example a shirt of the style sleepwear, or a sweater of blistering and high collar with buttons, both in light grey.

A green olive touch

In the meantime grey y Black Richard Chai provides some notes in more intense colors, not many. In this case the olive green splashes citrines outfits always coloring key items such as the peacoat jacket navy, Tong dress pants (which by the way is in charge of) mark the waist, for the coming year will be higher thanks to the shot), or a vest version from an American pattern.

Is this same combination where we see the effect deception to the eye, so olive green pants are combined with a knitted sweater, which seems that it takes one overlay, When it is actually a single garment.

Renovated Dandyism

Looks for inspiration dandy With classic clothing but in groups that are not so. Pants from high waist combined with silk shirts and cardigans of stockinette, a neck rounding superimposed on another high-neck, an American cross added that a vest over in a total black look, or a simple outfit of smart trousers with tweezers more a shirt pictures, together to a simple but perfect black blazer.


We have seen how other parades, Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger, bet on blue Klein as one of the colors star, in the case of today, is this bet by a blue that does not reach to be Navy, but neither cyan. This Blue color pants, blazers, coats and even comes in a total look that also plays with the transparencies.

In short a parade in the Chai plays with the contrast of the Forms and have fun with mixing noble materials as cloth, tweed, cotton or the point of canale, with other more modern or technical, bright or even lacqued finishes, as well as including some skins. Few and inconspicuous prints as many stripes, pictures or tissues in stem, for a very simple appearance result, whose secret lies in the mix & match (construction and merges). By the way that note of style as well as dress shirts are used as accessory anundadas waist, being the same designer who preaches by example, is this a new trend?