Rules to Wear Your Leggings

The leggings have been feeling for a long time and every season shows that they have become more versatile thanks to the diversity of outfits that has been created with all kinds of Accessories and clothing. As well as being very comfortable, there are in various colors, textures and patterns.

Outfit with leggings.
They have been criticized with the passing of time the way that other girls have been used, because not Stylize your figure (quite the opposite), they have been the best combinations and have not given the best use to them, thanks to these errors , we could collect and bring these rules to wear your leggings.
How should you not wear your leggings.
1) the leggings are not pants or tights! First of all we know that they are wonderful in many ways, for your comfort and ability to add a flair to the outfit. But they are not considered substitutes for trousers in any circumstances. Neither are they good choice to take to the office if you are looking for is rather formal; Much less wear them under dresses or skirts, for that have been created in the Middle.

They are pants or tights.
(2) you have to use them with blouses or long Blazers, we do not want to run the risk of make your bottom look or your cameltoe. Remember that they are pants nor Jeggins which are more coarse, the leggings tend to be more slender and transparent, so you choose best long t-shirts.

Leggings with blouses or blazers.
(3) care with the underwear that you use, it is likely to think that being coloured Black or other color dark will not be what you bring under. Try to always wear the same color as your leggin underwear, and if it is however already very transparent highlight not so much. You also have to look is not very adjusted, by the fact that the leggings are adapted to your body and take the form of your silhouette, that could be something very uncomfortable and would give a bad view in the rear.

Use proper underwear.

Try that you do not tighten.
(4) avoid at all costs the White Leggings or meat-Nude-beige color, light colors add volume to your legs (if you are very thin can choose other colors) and is larger than the possibility that look undesirable transparencies, especially the nude color, will make you see practically naked! I think that that would not appeal to many people.

Leggings color nude.
(5) Finally, if you like be careful with whom you choose and the combinations that make the prints . There are many possibilities of prints in legging, such as the aztec print, galaxy print, animal print, metallic, etc. But whatever your print procurement top of your outfit is (preferably) lisa and vice versa.