Rumor of the day: Facebook Will Adopt Hashtags

#partiu #hashtags # facebook. Yes, that’s right: according to sources of the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will implement the notorious hashtags, words marked with the pound character in social network. The resort is almost a trademark of Twitter, and the purpose is to use it to identify the content to be published so that people interested in the same subject are able to research more easily.

Despite the appeal yet even exist, it is not hard to notice that Facebook is full of hashtags. This can be attributed to the growth of Instagram, another social network that also supports hashtags. How many people also put the Instagram photos on Facebook, the full subtitle hashtags also go to the social network.

When all this is made official during games football, concerts or even without any ceremony, users can add tags to your posts so that the content can be exploited by more people. So who create a post and add the hashtag #futebol, for example, allow people to seek the #futebol hashtag find your content more easily.

This news makes total sense with the latest Facebook changes, especially regarding the new search Social, which is capable of displaying information and interests of more than 1 billion people. I can not wait for developers to create Facebook that allow customers to block content from a specific hashtag.