Samsung’s New Touchwiz Leaked.

Are you tired of Samsung’s own skin, that covers your Android mobile, so there may be good news on the way.

“Touchwiz user interface”, which in addition to having been a key part of the ongoing “Samsung vs. Apple” war, Samsung has spent a long time as an overlying skin for Android.

However, their latest line-up of tablets, got himself the new “Magazine UX” user interface from Samsung, we have previously described as being inspired by Windows 8.

Now it is reported that Samsung would also replace the look on their mobile phones. Twitter-tipsteren @oursite has, in fact, shared pictures of the suspected skin. It writes our site.

Whether it is a new user interface or just an evolution of the current, we can not say anything about the time of writing. There can of course also simply be that the pictures are fabricated here prior to the upcoming MWC exhibition.

What does the Mobile site and mobile Samsung users? Is it GO or NO GO?