Sexy And Comfortable: The Perfect Lingerie For Every Figurine Type

Seductive lingerie underscores femininity and strengthens self-esteem. They should emphasizethe advantages of the body and conceal the problem zones. 

In order for woman to feel so comfortable in her skin, the underwear must also sit perfectly and flatter the figure. Because nothing is worse than pinching panties or a badly fitting bra. Whether delicate physique, big breasts or narrow waist-every woman can look great in lingerie and sexy. Finding the right fit for your own Figurtyp is often not easy. This is why it is important to know which cuts fit your own body and how to fit your curves perfectly. We talked with 5 styling experts who tell you what to look for when buying your lingerie.


Color And Style Consultant Nadine Wittig

Are you looking for the perfect lingerie? Is your character more like the V-type, so full of bosom and narrow waist? Then I will give you a few tips, so that your feminine charms come into their own. First, the question arises whether you want to emphasize your upper range or rather “disguise”? If you want to emphasize your breasts, then I recommend you a bra with support function. This gives your breasts an attractive shape. In the bras, straps and bowls are worked in, so your silhouette is beautifully modeled. The material may be a bit tighter to give your breasts a good hold.

Want to get your bust rather look smaller can, then I advise you to a minimizer. A minimizer is a bra that reduces your bosom, because it is cut so that your upper part is “pressed” outwards. The straps are usually wider and padded so they do not cut into your shoulders. Even with a minimizer, the bra should be fitted with bow straps and cups for a perfect fit. Because the bra with support function as well as the minimizer have a wide middle web – both support the attention to ensure that both your neckline and front Back cut is not too deep to avoid flashing.

I recommend you do without bra, without bowls, because such models do not give your upper range any stop. Of bras with thin straps, I also advise you, because these will always cut into your shoulders and feel uncomfortable. Also brackless bras are not perfect for a strong top range because your bosom is not held in.

If you do not want to “intensify” your overall width, then keep your fingers away from push-up bras, as these give your breasts an extra “push”-as the name implies.

Whether lace, cotton, satin, discreet, playful or sporty – you have the choice. It is important that your breasts become so effective that you feel comfortable. The best way to look at lingerie is by choosing a matching panty for your bra. So in color, material and style matched the bra. This gives a nice look.


Fashion Stylist Susanne Voggenberger

Women with very feminine curves, ie narrow waist and curved hips, correspond to the so-called A-type. In order to put your own figure into the right spotlight even in lingerie, choosing the right slip form as well as the perfect bra shape is a MUST. Therefore, always pay attention to the following rule: direct the focus to where you want it to be, and not where you want to hide. In the plain text: emphasize the upper width and the décolleté with a refined bra shape.

The slipform should be rather simple. So you adjust the proportions and a so-called and desired hourglass effect becomes visible. For bra-cuffs, bras with balconette cut or push-up style as well as straps and cup bras are suitable. The BH carriers can in principle be somewhat wider. A material mix of lace with satin, embroidery, braids, satin and lace bands emphasize positively. Also color combinations like sexy black with powder or the trend color white with navy blue attract the attention!

Make sure to avoid simple, boring cotton bras without decorations, bowls or straps. The choice of the right panty shape is, of course, just as important as the matching bra shape.

As already mentioned, the more decent the better. Slips and Maxislips as well as thongs with a slightly higher leg cut flatter, flattering the legs optically and making wide hips appear narrower.Panties require caution, as panty-cut and wide panties emphasize both hip and thighs negatively.That is why they are only used for narrow and discreet panty forms.

Furthermore, in the case of panty cut shapes with oblique or vertical dividing seams, as well as lateral longitudinal toe inserts are advantageous, since these make the hip curves slimmer. If you do not want the neckline to cut into the skin at the waist, making the impression of the skirt or the trousers invisible, you will find models with a lace hem as a leg closure. They feel like a second skin and do not interfere.

You like to wear clothes, but sometimes you are annoyed by the shining imprints of the underwear? Then it is essential to wear an underwear with form effect of your lingerie. Fashion lingerie is now chic and stylish. An undergarment with a shaping effect has a bra, which emphasizes the décolleté beautifully. The undergarment gently shapes the figure, waist curves are modeled and figure-dressed favorite dresses can be worn without hesitation.


Style And Color Consultant Sandra Garvens

The X-type is the female seduction in person, because the figure is well proportioned-chest circumference and hip are equally pronounced. For the BH models I recommend models that have wide straps because they do not cut at the shoulders and provide a firm and secure grip. In addition, the bras should have solid shells that shape and support the breasts – additional temples conjure up a beautiful décolleté! A well-fitting bra flatters the proportions, he is a figure-shaper and decides on the entire silhouette. A badly fitting bra, on the other hand, can destroy proportions and make clothing look unfavorable.

If a bra on the sides and in the back is too tight, so the underbright circumference is too small, there are unsightly rolls. Be careful, these make a stronger look than you are. Even the BH-Cup should never be too small, because this creates an unsightly double breast. Bandeaux and Triangle models are unfortunately not suitable for the X-type, as they do not provide sufficient support for the breasts. For the divider / panties, I recommend the slip form.

The X-type should choose models with rather higher leg cut, because these lengthen the legs visually and make the waist appear narrower. A lace seam that does not cut is particularly beautiful because it lays itself on the body like a second skin. Higher-cut briefs can conceal the belly attachment and emphasize the upper abdomen and thus the narrowest part of the body by its high seat. Women who have a long waist can wear wider briefs-women who have a short waist should wear briefs that do not go over the hip bones.

Broad-cut panties should definitely be avoided as an X-type, because the hips are even more stressed. Even with briefs and strings with very narrow side straps you should be careful, these can often cut sideways / at the hip. If it is necessarily such a model, in any case, a number bigger than usual to choose!

The body is excellently suited for the X-type, as it perfectly sets the female silhouette and emphasizes the narrow waist. It is important to pay attention to the length. In women with a long upper body, some bodies are too short and then wear unpleasant. What applies to everyone: The underwear should generally not be darker than the clothes chosen, as it would otherwise easily! Unless that is desired.

O Type

Stylberaterin And Personal Shopper Silke Gerloff

The O-type features a strong, feminine body with abdomen, often a lot of bosom and little waist . The hip and butt area is rather round, while the arms and legs are usually narrow. Basically, the décolleté should be emphasized by larger cutouts (V-, heart-neck and round neck, on narrow shoulders also submarine), while the belly is lined.

For women whose proportions correspond to the O type, I recommend a well-fitting bra with a full shell or a half-shell with a top hem. In order to emphasize the narrow part of the lower breast area and to lift and shape the breast, the bra should always have a strap or a reinforced closure under the breast. Wider supports provide good support and prevent pressure points.

In the case of larger sections, however, care should be taken that the beams are not too wide and thus visible. Lingerie should not be too tight, so the seams do not cut and make ugly roles.The cup size must be absolutely right, otherwise there are unsightly double arches. Since this type of figure should emphasize its beautiful cleavage with cut-out tops, a nice upper (and not too high) finish of the bra is important. Particularly suitable are bras with center-mounted carriers or outer carriers, as well as a bustier shape.

Shapewear, which forms the belly and waist, like the shown body, fits ideally under summer dresses or in the tempering mode under attached dresses. For panties you should make sure that they are big enough. Do not cut them at the waist/waist. Higher-cut panties (waistlines, jazzpants) conceal the belly neck and accentuate the narrower upper belly. It is best to use seamless models or those with a top end. Due to a high leg cut, a wider hip is visually narrower and the leg is stretched. Women of the O-type should absolutely do without triangel bras and soft, shapeless substances, since these offer too little support and the breast does not form nicely. Even too tight underwear, as well as deep-seated hip-thongs or strings, are a no-go, as they cut and thereby emphasize the belly.


Fashion And Style Consultant Juliane Gareis

The H-silhouette designates the androgynous woman type. These women usually have a beautiful, small bosom and narrow hips, but no particularly pronounced waist . From the front they are relatively straight, without large rounding. And this is exactly what offers great possibilities, because the fashion plays itself again in the middle. And so a visible waist can be formed by wearing, for example, the new trouser shapes that go back to the waist and insert more tops. Or feminine dresses, loosely cut, waisted and with a bell-like skirt.

The H-woman can conjure up such an hourglass figure and does not have to be afraid that something is applied up or down. The same applies, of course, to the laundry. Bright colors give the chest and the hips more volume, which makes the waist automatically narrower. Panties should therefore at least go up to the navel, and bras like adorned and with unterbrustband, the proportions in the right light.

Lace and floral patterns are a feminine and romantic styling trick for the burschikose figure, to emphasize the femininity sexy. The H-figure can wear anything that creates a waist, so also Corsets, waisted negligés and bodies, which especially narrow the waist. Also frills and flounces are wonderful elements for the breasts and the hip, to pretend a little more volume. And even if the beautiful laundry no one sees, then woman moves nevertheless quite differently and very self-conscious, because she knows it. For small breasts, the bra should be padded. It looks more feminine and promotes a straight body posture. Narrow shoulders with wide straps or neckholdertops emphasize, blouses with light braces wear and blazers best with shoulder pads.

Super for the H figure: waterfall collar, winding effects, frills, flounces and drapings; Waist trousers and skirts, waist pleats, short jackets or waisted blazers with peplum. Absolute No-Go’s: Hip French knickers or panties, bandeautops, raglan sleeves on shirts and sweaters and hose jackets. And, of course, hip skinny jeans, because they have no support and optically lengthen the upper body. The androgynous woman is envied by all who have a lot of upper and wide hips, because she does not need much effort to conjure up a waist.

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