Sharp SH903i

The Sharp SH903i It is another of those supertelefonos initially destined for Japanese customers DoCoMo. Recognizable at first sight by its large size and powerful 2.8 “screen, 240 x 400 and 262,000 colors. Also as not, a 3 megapixel camera, and a secondary VGA. The musical features are also noteworthy, Sharp promises 50 uninterrupted hours of music.

But the most curious thing about mobile technologies of security and privacy that integrates. The SH903i has facial recognition technology, only its owner can access it. It also incorporates a filter of isolation which makes it impossible to see the LCD from an angular path.

And it already is to loop the loop includes an ultrasonic sound emitter to repel mosquitoes. Could it be that they abound in the Japanese mega-cities?