Site Uses HTML5 to Show Where More Tweets Arrive

The HTML5 not only makes it possible emulators of GameBoy JavaScript. It can also be used to display more detailed things and considerably more amazing. As a map that shows which regions of the world users of Twitter are posting their micro-posts. This is the case of site A World of Tweets, created by Frog Design.

They used the <canvas> HTML5 along with the API streaming Twitter to create the map above. The map shows which regions of the planet contains Twitter users posting at the last minute. You can choose to display a smoke or heat map, plus the map also offer a 3D stereo option (the one who needs glasses with blue and red lens)

For now the World of Tweets only counts tweets of people who activated the geolocation function in your profile settings. That is, only those tweets with “From [city here]” are shown, as there is no way to find out where other posts left. According to statistics on the site, Brazil accounted for 6% of the more than 1.4 million tweets recorded since the beginning of the month.

The site does not have much use beyond display a graphic kinda cool. But also it has the potential to be a huge time sucker, so if you have attention deficit disorder is better not enter the… look, a blue drop on the map … cool…