SLEEPING BAG For Camping And Sleep Well Protected

The sleeping bag for camping is an option that can not miss for anyone who’s into campar because sleep is the key to success, a good night’s sleep is critical to general well-being, because the loss of sleep cause impotence, exhaustion, stress and lack of morale at all and can also download immunity, leading to diseases.

Camping is pretty cool, to have some fun and enjoy the outdoors and nothing perks, especially when it comes to sleep, because you will not have to walk your baby an air mattress or even a sleeping bag, depends on your preference. But we the sleeping bag is the best option, because with it you don’t waste time filling and mattress if it burst, you have where to sleep, and what’s more, the sleeping bag has the blanket on it and you do not need to take a random, is actually a better option.

Image 2-As was stated earlier, the sleeping bag is an option that can not miss if you like camping, as well as being very warm, it is much more practical, maybe it’s not as comfortable as the mattress, but it’s warm and practical, as it has the place to lie down and covered in the same, cool huh?

3–image and look, if you go camping on a hill for instance, and you need to climb, the sleeping bag is much lighter to carry, like this one below that the woman is loading, that he’s not well wrapped, and is out of the bag, is a really great tip.

Image 4–and there are different models of sleeping bags too for you inspiration and use time to camping, some more basic and simple when you go camping a short time, and stay a few nights out, and others more lined to have more comfort and heating if you camp out for several days, this is a good tip.

5-image in the image below you can see a person wrapped in a sleeping bag in the snow, then think, he should hold on to negative temperatures, your coat should be more complete with a thick bed of various fabrics to keep you warm enough, even in a place where it snows.

Image 6-beyond the sleeping bag be more practical at the time of loading, the fact that he does not need to be being filled as the air mattress, and also take up less space in the tent, it is more practical if you want to do as the Lady down, sit and stay warm, as it is as an exercise mat and covered at the same time , especially the thick models like this below.

7–image Here in this image you can see five sleeping bags rolls and stored in their bags, look at how they are much more easy to load and take up less space, in addition to being lighter of course, very cool.

8 image–this is a great tip of differentiated model for campers who enjoy camping in cold places and for a few days, because it is a sleeping bag that you can use at bedtime and even to spend the afternoon sitting somewhere, because it has a hood and space to fit the arms.

Image 9-Now a tip for couples who enjoy camping together, this sleeping bag below serves for couples, and is a great tip as well as save space and work of having to carry two sleeping bags, when it is closed, the size is not much different from, cool huh? Good tip there.

Cocoon-Style Sleeping Bags Are Great Tips

11 image–this sleeping bag cocoon style is very nice, a great tip for those who go camping somewhere cold and wants to protect well, because it is well closed and covers your head and even a part of your face, leaving only the mouth and nose out so you breathe, and of course that is more suitable for people who can sleep with belly up all night.

12 image–this sleeping bag below is already a more basic and simple model, for those who go camping a few days, the more he is well padded, and can replace perfectly the air mattress and pad, with the outside and inside waterproof style quilt, another great model.

Image 13-here’s another tip of the sleeping bag cocoon style, check it out now that the woman is standing, as the format it is cool and makes you warm enough, for being well lined and possess good layers of fabric, as well as being waterproof, because a good sleeping bag, must surely be waterproof.

14 image–here is a good tip of sleeping bag for couples, this is cocoon-style too, but zipper, you regularly and leave any way you want, more comfy or more abertinho, plus has a zipper in the middle if you need to lift and you don’t want to wake your partner/partner.

Image 15-looks just like the style Cocoon is well lined, he is very warm and it has a zipper on the side, if you cannot sleep belly up and want to sleep on the side without feeling suffocated, just open a little bit of the zipper and be quite comfortable the way you prefer.

16 image–Now a tip for anyone looking for a hint of well-differentiated and sleeping bag to sleep at home in those afternoon naps on icy winter days, or even a night, if it’s too cold and you want to give a differentiated, this shark sleeping bag is very creative.

17 image–the Nautika is a great brand, both sleeping bags, as tents too, besides having great sport equipment and adventure for those who like to practice extreme sports, backpacks, knives of various types, is actually a brand that has everything an adventurer needs.

18–see image just as the sleeping bags take up less space in the tents of the air mattresses, they are much more practical even in time to organise the tent, or at the time of going through bags, just they tangle in a corner of the tent to have more space.

There Are Different Models Of Sleeping Bags

Image 20-to end with a golden key, here’s another great tip from model cocoon, this even more practical and versatile, because it has more soft tissue, causing you to be able to keep it well kept, more sleep aside, cool huh? Another great inspiration there guys.