Sleeping Bag

How to take care of your sleeping bag
The sleeping bags are responsible for the comfort and safety in our adventures. By following a few tips of how to take care of your equipment properly you will prolong your durability and efficiency.

Never wrap or fold your sleeping bag to keep it. Always compress disorderly and without twists, to prevent its fibers “viciem” i.e. to create folds (the so-called “memory”)

Home store in a clothes rack open, always in an upright position and sheltered from light and heat sources.
If you store it in a closet that is well ventilated.

Do not store your dirty, damp sleeping bag or in plastic containers, to avoid the proliferation of mold.

Wash it only when it’s really necessary, that is, soil-as little as possible. The correct thing is to read the manufacturer’s manual to find out whether it is possible to wash your bag and what the appropriate method.

Dry it in the shade and when it’s nearly dry let him for a 20 minutes in the Sun for drying your warranty. And never wash your bag in the machine, do not use bleach or pass it, these are some of the most effective methods to destroy it.

Keep the zipper of the bag clean and away from dirt. Anytime, lubricate it with silicone or paraffin wax (paste or liquid).

Your equipment must also stay away from chemicals in General, especially of petroleum products (petrol, diesel, etc.), highly harmful products to the components of the bag.

Always use thermal insulation, which in addition to regularize the land and protect the user from the cold ground, also reduces dirt and moisture absorption by the bag.

During the trail, never the carriage out of the bag, so as not to damage it in the obstacles out of the way. The ideal is to carry the bag in the bottom of the bag packed in a plastic bag to protect from rain and moisture.

In no event shall come into your boots, bag not to get it dirty or tear it.

At the end of each trip or in the preparations of the next, always check the State of the zipper, the fabric and the seams.
Need to do some repair, activate the warranty or seek the services of the manufacturer, avoiding increasing the problem with inadequate manpower.

A well-manicured bag selling on can follow for many years, providing you with some of your most pleasant nights.