Smartphone Controlled LED Bulb

Especially during the cold season, many people need increased brightness in their own homes. As professional you leave your house in the morning often in darkness and returns back in the evening in the dark. As pleasant it is then perceived, if it is your home bright and colorful.

Smartphone Controlled LED Bulb

Smartphone Controlled LED Bulb

Philip has now brought the light system Hue on the market, which of tested Handelsblatt online . The specialty of these LED bulbs is that they light up in different colors and degrees of brightness and can be controlled by smartphone. The installation of the lights is done relatively easily and in a few minutes: In addition to the LEDs and a smartphone you need only one more telecom router.

About the light switch bringing the lamps for lighting. If you want instead of the traditional white that the room is blue or red lights, the handle extends for Smartphone. Via the app you also select some fixed predetermined scenarios: So there is the “Relax”-or “Reading” mode, the colors of which are particularly suitable for relaxing or reading. Here aspects come to the questions that we know from the color light therapy. Different colors have different vibrations which are received and perceived by the eye. The brain processes them and sends signals.Red for example, has an activating effect, which is why housing experts usually advise against applying them in the bedroom. there blue or green tones are often recommended because they have a relaxing effect on body and mind.

There are restrictions in Hue, however, because the LED bulbs only screwed in E27 sockets, according to LEDBulbBay and can therefore be used primarily to ceiling lamps. but Hue has the advantage that you can program a timer next to the dimming or read function of the lamps. If you want to be woken by the light, to make it available on your phone accordingly. This feature also comes in handy when you are on vacation and want to suggest potential burglars by switching on and off of the light, there are residents in the house.

When power consumption Philipps indicates loud Handelsblatt online that the LED 80 percent consumed less than an ordinary light bulb. Although the lamps are relatively expensive to buy with 60 euros per lamp, but of course help in saving electricity. For example, you can also find suitable, affordable rates.

Color Light for Health

The bedside lamp in the bedroom is not able to light up in a relaxing blue-at least not with Hue. For several years, there are other manufacturers color change of light bulbs that are turned into such frames; via a remote control to choose the desired color.

Not only bring Shall lamps color to the room, but the same effect as sunlight, daylight bulbs are recommended. Full spectrum daylight lamps show the natural spectrum of sunlight and thereby mimic the bright midday light. If such lamps used regularly, increases the concentration and occasionally depressed mood during the winter improving. In naturopathy colored light and daylight lamps are often used.