Smartwatch Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Presented by Samsung

Samsung has two new Smartwatches Galaxy gear 2 and Galaxy gear 2 neo and the fitness band Galaxy gear fit presented at MWC in Barcelona. All models are certified to IP67.

The two new Smartwatches Galaxy gear neo have a 1.63-inch super-AMOLED display with 320 x 320 pixel 2 and gear 2 and are slightly lighter than the previous model, but the size has remained the same. 2 Galaxy gear and gear are 2 neo IP67 dust – and splash-proof. The bracelet is 2 on the two new models of Galaxy gear and Galaxy gear 2 neo interchangeable – you can choose between black, Brown and orange across the Galaxy gear 2 and black, grey and Orange at the Galaxy gear 2 neo.

1 provides a good performance at Galaxy gear 2 and Galaxy gear 2 neo GHz strong dual-core and 512 MB RAM. The internal memory of the two Smartwatches is 4 GB. Better than at the first Smartwatch neo which according to Samsung under normal use be the 300 mAh powerful battery in the Galaxy gear 2 and the Galaxy gear 2, two to three days and even up to six days does not stop at low usage. The camera, the now now 2 megapixels, until none was by Samsung the Galaxy gear 2 from the strap away in round-the-clock integrated neo Galaxy gear 2 has. Both devices are compatible with many current Galaxy smartphones and should also as real time fitness trainer can be used, which include heart rhythm.

In addition to Galaxy gear 2 and gear also the fitness bracelet Galaxy gear was presented by Samsung fit 2 neo, which is also certified to IP67. It has a 1.87 inch small OLED display with 432 x 128 pixels. With the Galaxy gear fit you to sport monitor his fitness activities and for example the pulse can measure themselves. Also has a step counter the Galaxy gear fit and Fitnessapps. In addition, the gear displays fit also E-Mails and text messages received on your Smartphone and supports Bluetooth 4.0. The battery of gear fit can last up to four days according to Samsung.

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