SONY launches a Flagship in Mini Format.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is an Android topmobil boiled down to 4.3 inch.

In Android-land there is tradition for approximately 5 inch big screens for top models. The tradition will Sony, with the recently launched Xperia Z1 Compact make up with. Sony’s latest flagship is on humble 4.3 inch.

For Sony is the ambition to redefine what a pocket friendly mobile phone should be able to. And you look at the list of equipment is nothing been saved compared to Sony’s current flagship Sony Xperia Z1.

Where other mobile manufacturers ‘mini’-editions are characterized by savings, Z1 Compact well-resourced case with following specifications:

-4.3-inch HD screen with TRILUMINOS technology
-Dust and water resistant (IP55 and IP58)
-12.9 megapixel camera with a 1/2.3 “sensor and Sony G-lens, dedicated camera shutter so there can be recorded video and pictures under water.
-Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 2.2 Ghz 800 Quad-core and 4 g antenna
-Micro SD card reader
-2300 mAh battery
-Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
-127x65x 9.5 mm and 137 grams.

All together a top model worthy.

The screen is the only thing that is choked down to pocket-friendly 4.3 inch and HD resolution. Where the reigning top models from Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony all carry on full-HD screens. But 1280 * 720 resolution is equivalent to 341 PPI-over what Apple defines as ‘ retina ‘ in their iPhones.

The world’s best battery performance

It, too, relatively large size battery together with Sonys STAMINA battery-friendly settings, also provides hope for a good battery life. Sony promises even to the Sony Z1, the Compact has the world’s best battery performance in high-end compact segment (hint: iPhone 5s).

The lower resolution, combined with topchippen from Qualcomm, promises thus performance in first class as it has fewer pixels which the graphics portion of the Snap dragon 800 must deliver.

All in all, the Sony Z1 Compact as an exciting new offers in the Android world. It is expected to arrive in Denmark during the next month. We are following the developments in order to be able to announce the final sales price.