Sony Makes Ready for Wearables in Great Style

Although Sony has already been on the market for wearables, so they have taken a further step in the trend-setting direction.

As mentioned earlier on this page, so will be this year’s big electronic trend so-called wearables, if otherwise it stands to the producers. Sony is one of them who is skipped with the wave with their SmartWatch, and which has just launched because the core of their future involvement in this area.

It relates to the ‘Core’, which is their so far smallest gadget. It is a small chip, which the manufacturer intends to place in a wide range of future products. To begin with, it becomes in a Smart Band, where it not only comes to function as fitnesstracker, but also as a form of life journal.

Although the details are still a little sketchy, so could Sony, however, revealed that the Core is going to be able to operate in five days on a single charge. It consists of three small lights, a vibrating motor which is activated by phone and a single button, which can mute the connected smartphone and at the same time, used to mark times of the day.

If you combine it with Sony’s Lifelog app, so you can later view his current course via a scroll function on a timeline. At the same time, records the weather conditions, and if you scroll to the next day, you’ll also get the upcoming forecast.

It also records whether you listen to music or watch movies, so whether you have been lying on the couch and looked at the film or during a tour with Justin Bieber in the ears, so your choice is recorded in the log.

Core will come on the market in Europe for € 99 during the first few months of the year. You will also be able to buy packets of three colorful bracelet, which will be sold for around € 20.