Such Is the New Pebble Steel

As expected, there are now presented a new model of the popular Pebble smart clock, however, is not intended to replace the current one.

As we previously described here on our site, so was Pebbles new smart watches leaked before the public presentation of the company. Now, however, we must not wait longer for Pebble Steel is presented at CES in Las Vegas. It writes our site.

The clock, which now are carved in a CNC machine, has been given a significantly more elegant look that will no doubt appeals to multiple customers. Just as leaked, so the new model comes in brushed stainless steel and matte black.

Focus on the outer
We should not expect a sudden shipping implementation in their line-up, for the new models do not change much on the original specifications. The clock has got a new charger, Gorilla Glass, an anti-fingerprint coating and LED light, which is used to specify the Agency charging.

Pebble-the team has had to implement a small black stripe near the top that doubles the antenna, because without it, would the Bluetooth signal consistently be blocked by Agency’s metal design. The well-known e-paper display, user interface, water-resistant design and battery is exactly as in the original model.

Each Pebble Steel will come with 2 straps, leather and metal, respectively. So far, it is not possible to mount the other alternatives on the clock. The company would, however, later releasing design specifications, so that 3rd party producers will be able to sell alternatives.

Pebble Steel will also come pre-installed with Pebble OS 2.0. and thus be ready to exploit the capabilities of their upcoming App Store. In addition, also informs that the Pebble has so far received over 6000 apps for approval.

Pebble Steel does not replace the original smart-watch from the company, which will be sold alongside the new model. As previously predicted then Pebble Steel cost 250 dollars, and so be sold from d. January 28, in parallel with the original made of plastic.