Summer Fishing Baits

For each fish stocks is typical that the bait should always be present. Kneaded bread, cakes of fine corn flour, a little soil or clay, are ideal in the fall.

For bait of morunash can serve richer elements fishing bait. This can be chopped dung worms, casters, white worms and others. For medium-sized and smaller dung worms remain a classic bait. Morunasha loves blood worms they are present in its natural food, as well as mamartsite. White worms come and good results, but more pronounced in karabalaka. Bait of morunazh can enjoy some herbal baits like dough, boiled wheat couscous.

Morunashat fished float. Fishing starts sometimes accidentally with hunting Nase, barbel and chub. During the warmer months there are periods when morunashat hold of passages and promises serious fishing. In the summer you can meet and capture single and larger pieces using artificial baits for fishing.

The culinary qualities of morunashat country are not appreciated, in contrast to Russia, where he is considered a delicacy, and the way to prepare special recipes and only guest is superb. While catch rusnashkata cuisine, for now still morunash fish fry pan, and its flesh shall not seem particularly tasty.