Summer Hawaiian Shirts for Men

From Elvis to Jared Leto. The Hawaiian shirt is rediscovered how great classic of the summer. With a soul rock but also an unprecedented intellectual side

With short sleeves worn over pants and with the breast pocket on the left side: these are the classic rules of Hawaiian shirt. Become a symbol of a certain holiday relaxation since its creation by a tailor in Honolulu, the trend was born in the thirties, when to wear it for first are the American soldiers stationed in the atoll, and explodes in the 1950s, when the Islands become the preferred destination of tourists from the United States, and Elvis the wears on the cover of his album Blue Hawaii.

Symbol of a certain freedom, mostly from rigid stylistic rules that apply in cities, its use has always been limited to holiday destinations, without ever being adopted in more formal contexts. An unwritten rule, but always respected, which for this hot season fashion she enjoyed a break. See also: T-shirt wearing styles.

City, night, or rock, the Aloha shirt shop by this summer a intellectual side, using nuance extinguished, more sober, as in his version from metropolis, perfect in coupled with über-chic and only apparently contrary as silk scarves and lace-ups with para alta. Same color rule for the outfit from work, serious enough when worn with destructured jackets and soft pants. In the evening the green light to the overlapping fantasies on bermuda and dusters, on condition that the fabrics have ethereal textures, silk. Its sportier version remains, but only if your printouts are discrete and elegant shirt out of neutral shades, and reduced to an elegant minimalism, along with pants from volumes relaxed. Perfect for the rebels, instead his brave interpretation ringing tones, rock and combined with shawl collar blazer and leather pants, as in our proposals.