Sunglasses Trend for Summer 2016

Although the Platform Fashion has not even started really, but I can say that will be my absolute Lieblingsaccesoire now-a beautiful sunglasses. I’ve mentioned many times that I am not a big fan of jewelry, usually I wear small beads plug and a watch, to any piece of jewelry that has given me my friend (in case I wear but then like jewelry, then although there yet rather the meaning behind there a role for me playing). But me so really to hang I do only when I’m really in love with one thing. Much more practical because I find a nice sunglasses – it protects my eyes from too much sun, because, unfortunately, am a little sensitive, and where it is not just in use, they can be stuck into the hair – voilá perfect summer hairstyle!

Although yes my Prada ( Model PR 17 OS ) has long been my favorite pair to-die-for-Piece, yes every summer has their trends and…

… And there just this summer pastels vogue are so incredible, I rejoiced even more than I me this chic model by Dolce & Gabbana  at  Mister Spex  was allowed to choose the online shop to you too soon this new trend in an outfit show. Check Internetdict for see who invented the sunglasses.

Even as I have seen them for the first time in the shop, I was blown away! Although it is quite large, it acts in the face at first glance very elegant and noble-on closer inspection revealed until he suffered the typical liveliness of Dolce & Gabbana. Because inside the sunglasses in flamboyant Leo-look is held, the still incredibly good fit of the coloring forth to the rest of the frame.

I wear them the first time today and I am quite excited about how beautiful she really suits my hair color (which has, incidentally, changed since the last outfit photos a bit, I was last week again at the hairdresser and am now again little brighter)-an appropriate outfit I will supply later you as soon as possible, because now it’s on to Areal Böhler where today the first Platform Fashion will be held events.