T-Shirts with Silk-Screen Printing

Custom t-shirts with screen printing, one of the most common ways to customize t-shirts.A technique of stamping of shirts with which they obtain very good results.

However, the serigraphy is an art , in which various steps intervene in a process that begins with the separation of colors from the drawing for t-shirts. The experience helps, but also a certain skill and precision, as well as a good knowledge and sensitivity for the world of color.

The separation of colors from the drawing for t-shirts

In order to obtain a result of the most optimum quality in personalized T-shirts by means of serigraphy , we begin with the separation of the colors of the drawing, the illustration in individual screens.This process is an art.

  1. Pre-file checks

Files for customizing T-shirts for screen printing must have a minimum resolution of 150ppi and be in the original print size .In the file information of the drawing, once opened, in photoshop, we can check if the lines of the drawing look clean, if so, the file in question is perfect to perform color separation.

  1. Select each color in the t-shirt drawing

Each color of the design will have its own print screen.What we will do, once we have done the pre-checks of the file is to select each zone by colors.We do it with the magic wand of photoshop.

  1. Creating Flat Color Channels in Photoshop

From the various selections, we create the various channels of flat inks for each color in Photoshop, we assign each channel a color, looking for maximum fidelity to the client’s design.

  1. Printing separations on film

Each channel is printed on a specific individual screen and then applied by pressure to custom t-shirts.The screens are applied to the shirts by a process of pressure on the textile, with great care, to create the final drawing.

This would be, roughly, the key process of preparing and separating colors from the drawings to customize t-shirts . From here, a more traditional work begins, which is a tradition: apply the t-shirts to your t-shirt with your inks, creating the final art of t-shirt printing.

Extreme precision, sensitivity to color, fidelity to drawing, skill and experience will result in flawless custom t-shirts, custom shirts … impact!