Tag Heuer Smartwatch

The Swiss watch company will join tech firms to develop a model with Android Wear that seeks to position itself in the segment before the arrival of Apple Swatch.Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer announced it will launch a smart watch model after confirming an agreement with US technology companies Google and Intel. This smartwatch, due out late 2015, seek to integrate the Swiss knowledge of watchmaking and high technology, said CEO of Tag Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver, at Baselworld, the world hall of watchmaking held in Basel.

Technical details of the device, whose announcement comes a few weeks after the technology giant Apple unveiled the smart watch is not known Apple Watch . Pre form, the Swiss watchmaker Swatch group also announced its intention to have a line of smartwatch, while other manufacturers in the sector also presented various models to catch up with this trend.

Apple will start selling its smartwatch within a month, with a price that starts from $ 349 in its basic version and up to $ 17,000 in his gold-plated version. Meanwhile, the Smart Tag Heuer watch will be on the market later this year, and although they did not detail what it will cost this model, it is estimated that this type of luxury pieces start from $ 1000.

The Tag Heuer smartwatch will use technology from Intel, whose subsidiary manufactures a monitor Basis and fitness called Peak. It will feature Android Wear Google operating system, which is already used in multifunction watches Motorola, Sony, LG and others. This operating system allows the device to operate both with voice commands as buttons or touch functions.

Like most smartwatches, the version of Tag Heuer required to be synchronized with a smartphone to operate all functions of the smart watch.