Makeup of Top Model – Step by Step

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Top makeup

When a party, the concern with the makeup torments many women. On a daily basis, normally, we use makeup more discreet, basic, they don’t call a lot of attention, because in the workplace or in College doesn’t work use blockbusters. So, when we go to a party, the look can be more dramatic, with very bright, well marked, well representative. On these occasions, the color black is always present, make-up feature. Read More

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Bronze Gold Makeup

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Are you looking for a sparkling make-up for this summer 2015 and maybe for the festivities of the 15th of August?
A tanned look, natural, and by the “sun-kissed skin”?
Then you’ll have to bet on one of the most popular trends of recent months : bronze make-up (and gold) that is depopulating 360 ° in all its warm and bright facets we see re-proposed for the eyes, lips, face and hands.

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10 Makeup Tips for Women with Small Eyes

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The size and shape of the eyes depend on your genes, that is, there’s not much you can do to change them.

If you were born with small eyes, can take advantage of some tricks of makeup to highlight them and make them look bigger.

Check out our 10 simple tips of makeup and discover how to make small eyes stand out!

  1. Light the Area Below the Eyebrow

Apply lighter colors of makeup in the area below the eyebrow will cause small eyes appear larger and more life.

Keep in mind that illuminate all areas where you could get a shadow always will make your eyes stand out. Always.

  1. Apply Concealer on Dark Circles

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